Common Questions

Common Questions

What is Vetting?
Vetting is one side of risk management. The operational risk.

Why do we vet?
You reference the page About ship vetting in menu About us for details

How to Vet?
You reference the page Guide to apply for ship vetting for details

When to vet?
It’s mandatory requirement for every ship engaged to cargo operation at Dung Quat’s terminal.

Who to Contact?
You can contact us at email, or from contact form, or following the information at box support online.

How to schedule an inspection?
You can reference the page Guide to apply for ship vetting in menu Reference and then follow on the sequent guidelines, or contact us from contact form, or directly contact with the persons in charge on hot line.

What’s the charge for an inspection?
You can reference the page Ship vetting fee in menu References for details.

What’s the Period of validity of BSR inspection?
Please revert to our policy which states:
If the ship was not a risk to BSR’s properties, and the assessment outcome was Positive, a validity period will be given to the ship as follows:

– If the ship is less than 10 years old, maximum validity is 09 months.
– If the ship is 10 years old and above, maximum validity is 06 months.

If a nominated vessel have a valid vetting/screening certificated from an international maritime agency, i.e., OCIMF, etc., will this be honored or recognized in our own system?
Yes, the period of validity is stipulated as follows: If every ship had just undergone the inspection conducted by Shell, Petronas, Bp…and If her Sire inspection report is available and the inspection outcome is “positive”, BSR will approve those ships for cargo operation at Dung Quat Terminal, provided the period of validity is more than 03 months. In that case, owners/ operators are required to submit for PV EIC the ship’s sire report and approval application from Oil Majors. PV EIC will make a review on the ship’s Sire report (so-called “paper vetting”) and advise BSR issuing the approval letter to the owners/ operators. The vetting fee is 100 USD per vetting.

Can we vet through telephone call during weekend & holidays?
No, vets are only been made based on written request by the company raising the vet. It cannot be done on basis of verbal communications. The order should be sent to PV EIC at least 01 week before potential date of inspection, and then the ship’s ETA movements will be kept PV EIC informed until the time of inspector’s embarkation.

What areas will inspection be carried out?
The BSR’s vetting policy required that ship inspection must be conducted all ports other than Dung Quat Terminal, subject to the owner/ operator’s arrangement and PV EIC’s confirmation to perform.

Will inspection be carried out whilst discharging only?
BSR’s vetting policy requires ship to be inspected in operational mode (Loading or Discharging, in which discharging is more preferable) to enable cargo systems and procedures to be assessed, however, subject to satisfactory review of owners profile and fleet performances, and cargo operation of the terminals, reference may be made to them and ship be inspected in idle condition.