Ship vetting


Ship Vetting purposes

To guarantee atmost safety in operation of the oil terminals and transportation by sea to protect people, environment, property and reputation of PVN, of cargo Owners and ship Owners/Operators.
To ensure qualified and suitable vessels to operate at the PVN terminals to avoid latent risks to PVN property, people and environment.
To support ship Owners in improvement of ship management system and their vessels condition; to reduce risks, loss of time and expenses due to vessels’ being rejected by the terminals.
To improve the reputation of PVN, oil companies and ship owners in the insurance market….

Phạm vi thanh kiểm tra

On the basis of:

Decision of PVN at the on-line meeting on 30/7/2009 on the ship vetting and terminal audit.
Letter No 6202/DKVN-KH dated 17/8/2009 by PVN to approve the schedule of ship vetting plan.

Inter-Relations between parties

Ship vetting is applied to the vessels coming to PVN terminals for cargo operation:

– To declare ship vetting Policy
– To assign the decision maker to accept/reject a vessel after vetting.
Ship Owners/Operators:
– To apply for vetting.
– To prepare documents for vetting.
– To cooperate with inspector during ship vetting.
– To plan and execute the plan of rectification of observations.
– To report the result of observation rectification.
– To pay vetting fee.
– To carry out ship vetting.
– To maintain ship vetting website and database.
– To collect vetting fee.
– To report result of ship vetting.


Inspectors are required:

To have good knowledge of the ship vetting questionnaires.
To have good ship vetting skill.
To have integrity and professional conduct.
To have good health.